Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No, I Don't Want to Go!

My ex liked to show others a different side to him. He had to be flamboyant at times. It drove me nuts because I knew the real him.

Take for instance our fifth anniversary. I worked at a bank at the time and had a good friend Lisa. We had planned to go to lunch one afternoon. I was looking forward to this lunch because back then we didn’t have a lot of money and going out was a treat.

As we walked downstairs into the lobby the ex came waltzing in with an arm load of roses. My first reaction was, what the f*ck is he doing here. He was ruining my plans. I wanted to go to lunch with my friend. Mind you I didn’t say a word out loud. That would’ve been too dangerous.

Lisa looked at me and said, “Surprise!”

Most women would’ve been surprised in a nice way…I was pissed.

Much to my dismay I went outside with him and there awaited a white limo. We drove around the block to a nice restaurant and had a civil lunch. He gave me 15 roses, 5 different colors. Was it nice? Yes. But you had to understand he didn’t do all that for me. He did it to impress someone else. Namely Lisa. See this was shortly after the fight where my face was bruised and I blamed the toddler. So he had to prove he was a great guy.

The problem for me was the bad outweighed the good.

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