Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hit with a Broom Stick

Most of the time my ex was good at bruising me where it wasn’t obvious. He’d squeeze my cheeks so the inside of my mouth was cut. He’d hit me in the upper arms or legs, places where clothes would hide the evidence.

There was one time when he was pissed off at me, for god only knows what, and he’s chasing me around the house. I run into our daughter Lexi’s room and climb on the bed. I try to get as close to the back wall as I can, hoping to make it difficult for him to hit me too hard. This time he has a broom with him.

His first swing is against the bed post. She had a canopy bed so he swung it high. The broom stick breaks in half, so he drops the broom and picks up the broken piece. I’m crying and begging him to stop the craziness.

I don’t remember much of what he’s screaming at me about. It always started off with one thing and led to another. The man could dredge up just about anything. He had a way to manipulate you to believe something was black even if it was white. I swear there were times when I thought I was crazy.

So there I was huddled on the bed crying and begging for him not to hit me with the broom stick.

Crack! The broom slams against my ankle. The pain is the most excruciating I’d ever felt in my life. I thought for sure my ankle was broken.  I bellowed the most horrible, terrifying scream. This got his attention. He didn’t ask if I was alright, but he left the room.

I stayed on the bed rocking back and forth holding my ankle crying in agony. I stayed like that until some of the pain subsided. Eventually I attempted to walk on it. It hurt. It hurt like hell. At this point it was swollen and an ugly green color.

I put ice on the ankle and stayed off it as much as I could, but being a mother of three at the time, it wasn’t that easy. It was a Sunday, so the next day I had to go to work. Putting on a shoe was difficult.

People asked what happened and I told them I fell down the stairs. Who would’ve thought that a busted up ankle would be anything more. If only they knew the truth.

My ex did a lot to me over the years, but the broom stick thing still gives me chills.

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