Monday, October 22, 2012

Let Me Show You My Evil

Sorry about not posting on Friday. My day job seems to be taking over my life. I feel like I have no time for anything else.

My ex sometimes showed his evil side. Sometimes because he couldn’t control himself and sometimes because I forced it. Let me explain.

One day we were fighting. He’d pulled my hair, slapped me and kicked me in the thigh. I’d had enough and took off down the stairs and out front. I figured if I was outside he’d keep his temper in check. This time I was wrong. There was a corner grocery store next door to our house and the son of the owner was standing outside on the warm summer day.

As I stood outside trying to catch my breath and gather my wits about me Tommy waved. I waved back and forced a weak smile. I wasn’t sure if he knew that the ex was abusive, but he was always kind to me.

This day my ex came flying down the stairs shortly after me and charged me. By now Tommy had returned to the store. I did the one thing I figured would make me safe, I ran for the store. No witnesses was the ex’s motto. As I neared the store he grabbed me by the back of the shirt and tried to pull me back to the house. I fell to the ground, but tore out of his grip and jumped to my feet. He grabbed me again and I struggled. He got his hand on my necklace. As I did my best to pull away the chain snapped and I managed to run into the store.

I felt safe as I stood in front of the counter. My ex came in and said, “You better get home now.”

I saw the hatred in his eyes. I knew if I followed him I was screwed.

I told him I’d be there in a minute, knowing damn well that wasn’t going to happen.

The ex left because I think he realized Tommy had witnessed most of what took place. Once he was gone Tommy came around the counter and gathered me in his arms. I shook more because I was afraid of the ex seeing another man touching me. While I was thankful for the comfort, because not many showed me the kindness Tommy had at the time, I knew the ex would blow a gasket if he seen it.

Tommy talked me off the ledge that day and I stayed at the store for over an hour. The ex didn’t come looking for me and in all honesty he never showed jealousy toward Tommy. I’m not sure why because Tommy was a really nice guy. I liked him as a friend and nothing more.

A few weeks after the necklace incident Tommy kissed me. I’ll admit it was a nice kiss, but I looked to him more like a brother than a potential lover. When I explained this to him, he continued to be my friend, though he also continued to persuade me to consider more.

Eventually, tommy’s father sold the store and moved away. I lost a good friend.

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