Thursday, July 25, 2013

RSVP - What does it mean to you?

Growing up my parents stressed the importance of RSVP’ing. They instilled the significance of letting the party host know whether or not you’ll be a guest at their event.

When I moved from New York to Rhode Island I found a different meaning. Here, many I know only RSVP if they’re attending.

I can see both sides of this. If no RSVP, they aren’t coming.

The one issue I’ve noticed? People not RSVP’ing, but showing up anyway. Depending on the event that can be a bit rude. Now, I’ve never witnessed this with a wedding, but I have seen it with a social gathering where plated food is paid for prior to the day.

I’m curious do you RSVP regardless if you’re attending or not? Inquiring minds want to know! J

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reliving a bit of my youth

My husband and I are going to see Bon Jovi in concert. It’s one band we make an attempt to see when in the area. We’ll be catching up with some family and friends. I’m sure it’ll be a fun night. It’s hard to believe I’ve been listening to their music for over twenty-five years.

Tonight I’ll be feeling like teen again. :o)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your Marriage is Killing You

My story – Your Marriage is Killing You will be published soon in the Lemons to Lemonade Chicken Soup for the Soul book. Life is a bit ironic right now. We’ve been dealing with teen issues, some normal, some not so much. During this time I’ve had to deal with my ex-husband. I do NOT like this man, not even a little bit. He’s not a good father, but he is our daughter’s father, so I try to be civil.

During a conversation with him on Sunday I heard something that frightened me – anger. Violent anger. The worst part was my daughter was with him. I called him out on his anger and let him know if he went after our daughter he’d be in serious trouble.

I’ll be honest for a few moments I was brought back to a time when I was being abused. I didn’t like it.

So what am I going to do about it? Two things. I’m going to the courts and asking for sole custody of my daughter. She doesn’t need to deal with a crazy man and neither do I.

The second thing is I’m going to write a book. The story Your Marriage is Killing You is only the portion of the marriage. The part when I left. I’d like to help others who are in abusive situations to show them that you can get out and have a better life. It takes time, courage and an internal strength. But if you want freedom you can achieve it.

I’ve always said if I can save just one person I’d be thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, I want to save lots of women, but if my story saves one, I’ve done something successful.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On Vacation

I’m on vacation this week, but I’ve been doing conference calls and exchanging emails for a ghostwriting gig. This is my first time doing this kind of work and I have a ton of questions. I’m also suffering from doubts. Not in my ability to do this, but the people behind the book.

I’m not sure if its nerves or what I know about the publishing business. Like I said, I’m green when it comes to ghostwriting, but I’m not green to the publishing world.

I’ve been negotiating the contract. There are a few stipulations I need added.

So the vacation has turned into a staycation/workcation. :o)

The weather is still blah, but they say it will be changing tomorrow. The family plans to be beach bound the rest of the week.