Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Time for Giving

A friend Julia was talking about giving to charities on her blog today. I give to local charities first and foremost because I feel America and its citizens are in dire straits. Our country needs the money. There are too many children who only eat at school or go without clothing because their parents are without employment.

Don’t get me wrong I feel sorry for those in other countries who are suffering, but I feel we must take care of our own country first to be able to care for others in the future.

Julia also shared two great charities that could use a hand.

Another place I like to donate to is Women and Infants Hospital. My husband and I have raised money and donated it toward new equipment that will make the nurses and doctors jobs easier. These men and women take care of our littlest ones. The babies who sometimes don’t have a fighting chance. They give them a chance. They pour their heart and soul into work and deserve to have the tools needed to do the job.

We also threw a party for the staff to show them our appreciation for all they did for us while our son was there. He was only alive for six days but they fought just as hard as him. We love them and will always be grateful for their profession.

No matter what your passion, remember everyone could use a little extra this year.

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