Monday, March 4, 2013

Work From Home

Seven years ago I accepted a job that required me to work from home. I hadn’t really given all the pro’s and con’s a thought when I agreed.

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. Today I’d like to look at the PRO’s.

Work in your Jammies…if you don’t want to get dressed you don’t have to. You can roll out of bed and head to your desk with your coffee in hand. No one will see you. That’s a benefit I enjoy. The added bonus is you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on work attire.

No Traffic – when I accepted this position I drove an hour one way to work. Sometimes it was longer due to traffic jams. My commute is now only a few moments. I’ve regained two hours a day I’m not in the car.

Less Gas – because I’m not commuting I’m not spending as much on gas. The rising costs have made it almost impossible to commute fifty plus miles a day. That’s money in my pocket.

Time for the Kids – the one thing that appealed to me most when I started this job was the flexibility to be there for my children. If they had a recital, sporting or school event, I could be there. When I was an hour away it was very difficult to be there. There’s nothing worse than telling your child you can’t come see them.

Schedule – most times you can set your own schedule. While my working hours are eight to five, if I need to work nine to six or ten to seven, I can. As long as my performance doesn’t suffer and all my work is completed on time my boss is okay with it.
My last PRO, for me anyway...I get to spend more time on my writing which is what I love to do.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the CON’s.


  1. Two of these five advantages you have mentioned I also get by cycling to work every day: No traffic & Less gas. In addition I get my daily exercise.

  2. Cycling is a great way to get exercise and avoid traffic. Thanks for dropping by, Brad.