Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love What You Do

The other day I read an article that touched me. The bottom line of the article – love what you’re doing.

This has stuck with me because frankly I don’t love what I’m doing. Yes, I love writing. What I’m struggling with is my day job. Back about ten years ago I left the world of accounting and entered the IT business. I love my accounting job. I’m great with numbers, but in all honesty, it didn’t pay well.

When you’re raising kids as a single mom, money trumps happy job. Up until about a year ago I hadn’t regretted the decision I made. I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve done. So what happened? I lost my co-worker. She was subjected to the dreaded work force reduction. Now two jobs are my responsibility. I’m super stressed all the time. I really dislike my job. I cringe every morning when I have to boot up my work laptop. I’m moody and often depressed.

The only ray of sunshine I get is from my writing. I’d love to do it full time, but the truth is it doesn’t pay enough as my IT job. So, until I come close to what I make in my day job, I’ll have to continue working.

What I don’t have to do is stay in this rut. I’m no longer a single mom. Those days of being stuck in a job I don’t like are over. I’m in the process of looking for a new job. Hopefully one will be right around the corner.

Do you love what you do?  

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