Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sharon

Today should be the birthday of one of my best friends. Sadly she passed away in August. Her passing has weighed heavily on me all these months. Yes, I knew she was suffering from liver disease and toward the end she had pneumonia. I’m not sure what claimed her life and I’ll never know.

What saddens me the most is she called me the Friday before she died. I was on a conference call and couldn’t answer the phone. Because my husband and I were leaving the following Tuesday I figured I’d call Sharon back on Monday when things settled down.

I didn’t have until Monday. Sharon died on Sunday. Her niece called me on Monday morning with the news. I’ve regretted not calling her back on Friday since. I also heard from a few other friends she’d called them on Friday and Saturday, almost as if she knew her time was near.

Sharon was always my biggest cheerleader. She constantly told me how much she idolized me for being such a strong woman. Sharon was strong in her own right. She had a lot of family issues, not marriage, more her brother’s and sister’s. She battled them and held strong to her beliefs.

A week ago I had a dream. In the dream was a slip of paper with Sharon’s full name on it, next to it are words that haunt me – Not My Time.

Today I want to wish friend a Happy Birthday. I love and miss you every day.

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