Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Cheater's Club - excerpt 6 The end of Chapter 1

Jayne made up a bed up for Harlow on the couch. She gave her a big glass of water and some aspirin. Even Jayne wasn’t sure the aspirin would help her from suffering a hangover the next day, but it was worth a shot.

She thought she was going to choke on her beer when Harlow announced she caught Charlie having sex on his desk with his boss. She never thought Charlie would be unfaithful to her friend. She thought they were next super couple, like Bev and Pete. What a wild night discovering that her other best friend wasn’t as happy as she appeared either. Hearing both women’s confessions, gave Jayne a reason to rethink her whole idea of marriage, children and happily ever after. If Bev and Pete were a farce, how did Jayne ever expect to meet her prince charming? Or anyone for that matter.

Jayne might have the dream hours and the great vacations, but her kindergarteners took the life out of her. By the time she got home every night she was too exhausted to go out to the normal places women meet men. She had a boring life by all standards. She went to work, came home, chilled on the couch and fell asleep before nine. On rare occasions when one of the girls needed a shoulder to cry on, Jayne went out. And even sitting in a bar all night long, not one man made his way over to her. Not that a guy would have survived the three musketeers and their male bashing. Still, she wondered if she’d ever find a man or would she become an old spinster.

Exhausted, Jayne climbed into her own bed and wished for peace and happiness for all three of them, because right now it looked like their lives were all screwed up.


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