Friday, June 28, 2013

Vacation Time

Today is my last day before vacation from the day job. It’s a much needed a vacation. We’re not going away during this week. There’s too much to do around the house that can’t get done while working our stressful jobs. It’s okay, because the weathermen aren’t offering a promise of sunny days. Each day holds a high chance of rain.

Our true vacation will be in August when we go to Virginia. I’m looking forward to that vacation, but not rushing the summer away by any means.

I’m in talks for a three book deal with a publisher. The contract will be a ghostwriting gig. I’ve written over thirty books under a pen name, so doing this will be knew to me. It’s an exciting prospect though.

So our vacation will be a working one for me, but not stressful work. I love writing.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

My mom and son are traveling here from NY for a three day visit. Tomorrow I’m throwing a birthday party for both my mom and husband. I had hoped the kids could use the pool, but it doesn’t seem likely. It’ll still be a good time.

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