Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The End of Craziness is Near

Life has been overwhelmingly busy. I’m working on new contracts. My day job has demanded 75+ hours a week and the school year is coming to an end. Oh and add in a sick two year old. Talk about crazy. As the weather starts to brighten here in Rhode Island, so is life. Work at the day job is slowing down, my projects are almost done for June and I’m gearing up to send out emails for July and August work.

Balance has played a key role over the last few weeks. Things had to be left by the wayside and blogging was one of them. In your career you have to find balance. You can’t make money if you’re focusing too much on social media, yahoo groups and neglecting your writing.

So I had to disappear from these for a time to balance the important things…making money and caring for my family.

With the summer weather I tend to find it difficult to want to sit at my desk and work, but I do it. The sun and pool taunt me from my office window. They beg me to join them.  My checkbook reminds me I must work. The bills that continue to fill the mailbox monthly remind me that if I want to play I must work hard. But I do spend time in the pool. My reward for a job well done? My iPod, a cold drink and my purple float, drifting around the pool.

Do you reward yourself when you accomplish a project? If so how?

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