Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Breaking the Bottle

Four children. Yes, I have four children. I’ve delivered five, but that’s another story. Three of those children were off the bottle by age one. Teagan is not. I’m at my wits end. She’s nearing her second birthday and I can’t seem to wean her off the bottle. Now before you start sending me hate mail about how I’m a terrible mom – DON’T. I already feel guilty.

And in all honesty she only has her bottle for milk. She’ll drink water in a sippy cup…sometimes juice. She doesn’t seem to like juice which is fine with me.

I thought we might have made progress when our grandchildren were here over the weekend. They were drinking milk out of a sippy cup, so she had to emulate the older kids. She drank half. I silently cheered. Once they were gone the thrill wore off.

On Monday I told the hubby I’m just going to throw out all the bottles and he thought it was a good idea. Until Teagan woke up sick. Both of us had trouble denying her as sick as she was.

So, how did you do it? Did you force your child to give it up cold turkey or wean him or her?

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