Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Time for Change

Once upon a time there was a little girl – who was an only child. This little girl loved to delve into the world of books. It didn’t matter where they took her, as long as she could escape her loneliness. This girl also had a vivid imagination. She loved to tell stories to her stuff animals, have tea parties and pretend different scenarios.
As she grew up she continued telling stories, but instead of telling them to dolls or stuffed animals she told her friends. She’d concoct elaborate tales from her dreams. Most of the time she spent with her friends Lori and Aimee. They lived behind her house and their mom allowed them to spend their summer days over there.
They’d pretend they were singers in a band and sing songs from The Cars and Pat Benatar to name a few. Yes, this girl is dating herself, but oh well.
As she grew up and started living in the real world she continued to tell stories, but now they were lies. Too many lies. Eventually she grew out of the lying and started writing. She wrote many novels under a pen name, because a bestselling author and wrote many nonfiction articles for different magazines.
That little girl still loves to tell stories, but real life got in the way again. No more. The girl is all grown up and now she’s putting her lifelong desire into action.
She’s going to finish those unedited novels and other WIPS and publish them under her own name.
Whether or not she becomes a bestselling author under this name is yet to be seen, but in all honesty it doesn’t matter. Just writing and publishing is all that matters to her.
Tina O’Reilly will be coming out of hiding and writing again!
Look out world. J

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