Monday, October 21, 2013

Rotten Experience

I pay to belong to a freelance job board. I’m not mentioning the name here, but it’s huge and many a writer belongs to it. Anyway, I’ve been bidding on jobs lately trying to fill the gaps with the holidays around the corner.

One proposal was accepted and when I was given the work or shall I say test, I found the work wasn’t for me. It made me feel uncomfortable, so I decided to withdraw. This person got ticked off and threatened to leave negative feedback. I sent a long letter explaining my reasons. Now mind you it’s supposed to be a company, not an individual. I thought I did the professional thing by backing out because I truly couldn’t do the work.

If there’s one thing I hate, as a survivor domestic abuse, it’s to be threatened. My hackles go up and I get into fighting mode. I don’t like to fight when it comes to my career. So after the second email from said person, I decided not to respond. My first was very professional, so I’ll remain professional and not respond. If I get negative feedback, I’ll survive. I’ve survived much worse.

They have their opinion and I have mine.

What would you do?

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