Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Foliage

Over the weekend we drove to New York to visit family. The fall foliage was at its peak in some areas. The brilliant reds, vibrant oranges and the stunning yellow and gold leaves reminded me why I love northeast.

Zooming down the highway at 70 mph taking in the breathtaking view is exactly what I needed. It’s been a stressful time for our family. The various colors brought happiness to my heart and so did the warm temperatures we were blessed with.

My son introduced us to his new girlfriend. She has a young child and he’s a cutie pie. I liked his new girlfriend. They appear happy. It always fills my heart when I see my children happy. It’s been a long time for my son. He had his heart broken a few years ago and this is his first serious relationship since that one ended. Sure he dated over the years, but nothing he wanted to commit to.

When he asked me to lunch last month when he was visiting to tell me about her I knew it was important to him. It seemed like he sought my approval. Of course I gave it to him. J

The break away from the house was a break we all needed.  

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