Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dwindling Down Subscriptions

My Kindle Fire bit the dust a few days ago. I called Kindle for support and they were very helpful. In fact, they’re sending me a new one as I write this. They weren’t able to fix it over the phone…being in technology I knew it needed hands on support. Either way I should have a new one in a day or two.

In the meantime I’ve been catching up on my magazine reading. I have a large pile. I subscribe to the large women’s magazines and some other ones. Here’s where the problem begins. As I’m reading them lately I realize I’m skipping half the magazine. Why am I spending so much money on magazines that I’m not reading cover to cover?

Wasting money has never really bothered me before, but suddenly it is…a lot.

Well, I’m not any longer. Two were up for renewal and instead of sending them a check I sent a cancellation notice. I’ve decided I can’t continue to spend money on magazines I’m not reading, even if they are subject to a tax deduction.

There are a few that I’ll continue because I do enjoy reading them, but I’m cutting back in 2013. I’m trying to be sensible – living within my means.

Is it a resolution? Maybe…right now it feels more like a challenge and I love challenges.

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