Monday, February 10, 2014

The Old Way

Back in the day before email became the standard form of submitting, writer’s had to send queries and stories via snail mail. Most editors required a SASE or self-addressed stamped envelope. There was another option that I took full advantage of – the self-addressed postcard. These were normally hand written and sent along with the query or story. The majority were completed works.

The postcards had two options:

____Yes, we received your submission and it’s under consideration.

____Your submission doesn’t currently meet our needs.           


Of course this isn’t as easy as sending an email. The waiting could be painful. Now with email you can get a response the same day - though most likely not.

I’d forgotten about this method until I was reading an article about Copywriting and the author suggested using this method for cold calling.

Sure I’m dating myself with this information, but I’m sure you remember an old way of submitting? Anything you liked or miss? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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