Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Shoes

I’m a huge fan of the ID channel. One day I’d like to write True Crime and I do incorporate suspense in some of my novels.

Today while I was watching a show it started off with the family member seeing a murder on the news and seeing the victim’s shoes.

She repeated the words, “The Shoes.”

It brought a chilling memory back; you see I had an experience with The Shoes. About ten years ago one of my daughters almost died.

It was a beautiful Sunday. I took my youngest out for soft serve ice cream, as we pulled up in front of our house there were three police officers walking around my house, looking in windows and trying doors.

The first thought is my son and his friends. When I had left they were walking the streets and teen boys were mischievous. Much to my surprise it wasn’t about him. They asked me if I had a daughter B. I said I did. They immediately tell me I have to follow them.

My heart pounded in my chest. I begged them to tell me why. What was going on? Was she okay? They said NOTHING. Just that I needed to follow them.

Now mind you, what mother could drive in that condition? Somehow I managed to follow them. We drove to a house next to a parking lot. There were many cars, an ambulance and a bunch of police cars. Now my little one, who is only 5, is in the backseat. She has no clue what is taking place.

A mother I knew came running over to the car, crying and saying she’s sorry.

I can’t fathom what she’s sorry about. I look to the ambulance, they’re putting someone on a stretcher inside the back and then I see – The Shoes.

I jump out of the car and order the mother to sit with L. I run over to the ambulance screaming, “Is she alive? Is she alive?”

A cop pulls me aside and tells me she’s alive, but that she hadn’t been a few minutes ago.

I’m a mess. I find out her and a few friends decided to drink some vodka. They were fourteen years old. She overdosed on alcohol. The medics were able to revive her and at the hospital they pumped her stomach. They filled her with IV fluids and released her the next day. She doesn’t remember anything and she doesn’t feel any side effects. If you’re a parent you know the next day my first thoughts were she should feel hung over! After what she’d done she should have some pain. She didn’t.

I relive that day over and over. I still see The Shoes.

As Thanksgiving approaches I know I’m very thankful for the medics who were quick to respond and save my daughter.

What are you thankful for?

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